Markham Street

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The Conway City Council adopted the amendment to the Northeast Old Conway Area Specific Plan contained within the following documents by ordinance on March 10, 2015. The plan and accompanying text replace the corresponding section of the Northeast Old Conway Area Specific Plan.

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Project Details

Project Number: 13-114

Status: Current

Location: Markham Street


  1. Garver Engineering's 90% Final Design Plans for Markham Street Redevelopment
  2. Markham Street Appendix & Market Study
  3. Markham Street Executive Summary & Action Plan
  4. Markham Street Neighborhood Specific Plan
  5. Garver Engineering's 10% Conceptual Design of Markham Street Redevelopment
  6. Garver Engineering's 10% Conceptual Plan of Markham Street Redevelopment
  7. Garver Engineering's Revised Hydrology and Hydraulics Report for Markham Street Redevelopment
  8. Garver Engineering's Revised Pavement Design for Markham Street Redevelopment
  9. Markham Street Summary & Responses to Preliminary Design Comments
  10. Garver Engineering's 90% Final Cost Estimate of Markham Street Redevelopment
  11. Garver Engineering's 90% Final Draft Specifications & Contract Documents for Markham Street Redevelopment
  12. Jump Start Resolution
  13. Markham Street Jump Start Project Award Letter

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