Remembering James H. Brewer

by Felicia Rogers on

Mayor Tab Townsell

Jim Brewer passed away today. (October 19, 2016)

This news and this name might be just another obituary to many people. He was a long time friend, neighbor, and colleague to many of our dwindling numbers of old Conway folks. However, more importantly for my role as mayor, he was a giant for our community.

As we go about our workaday lives in this 21st century modern Conway, likely having more friends on Facebook than in our own community, most of us probably unknowingly enjoy the many benefits Jim Brewer brought to our city.

Do you like our low electric rates? Or the community owned cable and Internet? Or our great tasting, inexpensive water? Each of these benefits could be separate chapters by themselves in Conway's history and each would be written by Jim Brewer's life and work for our city. And there is also so much more.

Richie Arnold's statement today is spot on! Conway lost a legend. Jim Brewer's would be some of the strongest shoulders on which we still stand.

I even post this from downtown tonight enjoying WiFi at gigabyte speeds in large part because of his foresight and legacy.

Jim Brewer
Conway Corporation, CEO
1965 - 1991

Statement from Conway Corporation