Conway, Arkansas - A Tree City USA® Community

The City of Conway Tree Board was created by the Conway City Council (O-06-26) to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of Conway, to protect the health and safety of the residents of Conway, and to protect the environment by providing the development of a Community Forest Management Plan for the regulation of the planting, maintenance, removal, and protection of trees on public property within the City of Conway.

The Board consists of:

Name: Jenny Jackson, Chairwoman Role: Member at Large Term Expires: 2019
Name: Rhiannon Botsford, Secretary Role: Member at Large Term Expires: 2018
Name: Dustin Botsford, Vice-Chairman Role: Conway Area Chamber of Commerce Member Term Expires: 2020*
Name: Derek Cox Role: City Employee Member Term Expires: 2020
Name: Phillip Duval Role: Conway Corporation Employee Member Term Expires: 2020
Name: Richard Klerk Role: Urban Forestry Consultant
Name: William Meriwether Role: Member at Large Term Expires: 2018
Name: Bonnie Stidham Role: Professional Horticulturist Term Expires: 2019
Name: Tony Togni Role: Member at Large Term Expires: 2018
Name: Lesley Waterson Role: Business Owner Member Term Expires: 2019

All terms expire December 31st of the year noted *second term

The City of Conway Tree Board usually meets the first Monday of each month at the Faulkner County Extension Office at 4:30 p.m. For more information:

For further information you may also contact Richard Klerk at the Faulkner County Cooperative Extension Service, 844 Faulkner Street [physical] or 801 Locust Ave [mailing], Conway AR 72034, at (501) 329-8344 (office) or by email at