o The Conway Public Art Board consists of three (3) experts in the field of art, either art historian, gallery director, or other art professional, four (4) members of the community at large, and a member of the City Planning Department. The Public Art Board will typically meet the second (2nd) Wednesday of each month in the City Hall First Floor Conference Room at 5:00 p.m. The board can be reached at publicart@cityofconway.org.

Mission Statement: The Public Art Board strives to encourage an artistic Conway through the creation, acquisition, and/or display of community-centered art.

Call to Artist:
RFP - Roundabout Art College Avenue / Salem Road
RFP - $500 smART Projects

Name: Joanna Nabholz, Chair Role: Community Member
Name: Ruthann Curry Brown Role: Art Professional
Name: Beth Wilson Norwood Role: Art Professional
Name: Scott Anderson Role: Community Member
Name: Maret Cahill-Wicks Role: Community Member
Name: Kelley Erstine Role: Community Member
Name: Kim Williams Role: Community Member
ExOfficio Members
Name: Bryan Patrick Role: City Planning Department, Director Email: Bryan.Patrick@cityofconway.org
Name: Felicia Rogers Role: Office of the Mayor, Executive Assistant Email: Felicia.Rogers@cityofconway.org

For additional information please email Felicia Rogers or contact by phone (501) 450-6110