Historic District Commission

Robinson Historic District

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Old Conway Design Overlay District

Upcoming Public Hearing Items

  1. None for December
  2. The Robinson Historic District and the Old Conway Design Overlay District were created for the purpose of enhancing, protecting, and preserving the aesthetics, sustainability, and the historic nature and character of the older residential areas in Conway by requiring new construction to conform to proper design standards. The Conway Historic District Commission will typically meet the fourth (4th) Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m., to consider Old Conway Design Overlay District application reviews.
Name: Steve Hurd, Chairman Email: arquiteque@conwaycorp.net Ward: Ward 4 Term Expires: 2019
Name: George Covington, Sr. Email: gcovington@conwaycorp.net Ward: Ward 1 Term Expires: 2019
Name: Marianne Black Email: welch851@aol.com Ward: Ward 2 Term Expires: 2018
Name: David Carolina Email: rjcarolina@sbcglobal.net Ward: Ward 2 Term Expires: 2020
Name: Shelby Fiegel Email: shelbyrfiegel@gmail.com Ward: Ward 2 Term Expires: 2020
Name: Taylor Martin Email: tmartin@caremedicalinc.com Ward: Ward 4 Term Expires: 2020
Name: Gerald Tosh Email: geraldrtosh@gmail.com Ward: Ward 4 Term Expires: 2019

All terms expire December 31 the year listed.