Homeless Taskforce Committee

The City of Conway Homeless Taskforce Committee was created by Mayor Bart Castleberry to address the needs of the homeless population. This board will provide advice and guidance to the Mayor regarding homelessness and other related tasks as needed. The committee will consist of members of the community involved in assisting the homeless.

The Homeless Taskforce Committee typically meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 11:45 a.m. in the Conway Ministry Center located at 766 Harkrider Street.

Name: Judi Lively, Chairperson Role: Bethlehem House
Name: Aimee Prince Role: Bethlehem House
Name: Phillip Fletcher Role: City of Hope Outreach
Name: Maret Cahill Role: United Way of Central Arkansas
Name: Latresha Woodruff Role: Conway Police Department
Name: Vicki Crockett Role: Community Volunteer
Name: Robert Wright Role: Independent Living Services
Name: Debbie Hendrix Role: Salvation Army
Name: Spring Hunter Role: The Ministry Center
Name: Laura King Role: The Ministry Center
Name: Jema Quintana Role: CAPCA, Inc.
Name: Carrie Curtis Role: The Women's Shelter
Name: Traci Harvey Role: Soul Food CafĂ© Mission
Name: Kiera Oluokun Role: Office of the Mayor Representative
Name: Felicia Rogers Role: Office of the Mayor Representative

For additional information contact:
Kiera Oluokun, Assistant to the Mayor for Community Development
(501) 513-3570
Felicia Rogers, Executive Assistant to the Mayor
(501) 450-6110