District Court Contacts

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Please refer to the frequently asked questions page before addressing District Court personnel.

For civil questions,
please contact Roxanne Ruple at 450-6112 ext. 3504 and email address of: Roxanne.Ruple@cityofconway.org

For small claims questions,
please contact Melba Mullins at 450-6112 ext. 3519 and email address of: Melba.Mullins@cityofconway.org

For special service questions regarding time pay accounts, work service, jail time, and sealing of records,
please contact Leah Darling at 450-6112 ext. 3517 and email address Leah.Darling@cityofconway.org,
Corliss Adams at ext. 3516 and email address Corliss.Adams@cityofconway.org,
or Steve Priddy at ext. 3513 and email address Steven.Priddy@cityofconway.org.

For probation questions,
please contact August Taylor at 450-6181 ext. 3530 and email address August.Taylor@cityofconway.org,
or Darrick Simmons at ext. 3531 and email address Darrick.Simmons@cityofconway.org.

For court dates,
please contact Nichole Schichtl at 450-6112 ext. 3510 and email address Nichole.Schichtl@cityofconway.org,
Larissa Hammons at ext. 3511 and email addresses Larissa.Hammons@cityofconway.org,
Cindy Hicks at ext. 3512 and email address Cindy.Hicks@cityofconway.org,
or Darla Drinkwater at ext. 3518 and email address Darla.Drinkwater@cityofconway.org.