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  • Tickets can be paid in person with cash, check, debit or credit card, mailed to Faulkner County District Court 810 Parkway Street, Conway Arkansas 72034, or tickets can be paid on line at Pay A Ticket On Line
  • Help you understand how the court works; Answer general questions about court procedures, rules and practices; Help you find information about your case; Provide you with court forms and instructions that are available; Answer questions about monies owed to the court; and Direct you to other agencies who can provide assistance.
  • Fines vary based on the violation, the location, and conditions
  • Faulkner County District Court
    810 Parkway Street
    Conway Arkansas 72034
  • Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm
    The District Court Building is locked from 11:30am-12:30pm Tuesday and Thursday
  • Yes.Click here.
  • Faulkner County District Court
    810 Parkway Street
    Conway Arkansas 72034
  • Anyone at District Court
  • Yes, someone else can pay a ticket for you, however you are responsible for appearing in court as required by specific violations.
  • Contact the Court
  • Contact the Court
  • Each District Court in Arkansas has a division known as small claims court. Small claims court is served by the same personnel as District Court and is located in the same building. Small claims court is designed to allow individuals to settle certain disputes in court with relaxed rules of procedure & without attorneys.
  • You may sue in small claims court for different types of damages, which are limited by a set dollar amount.
    1. You may sue on a matter involving a written contract or an oral contract if the amount of dispute does not exceed $5,000.00.
    2. You may sue to recover personal property where the value of the property does not exceed $5,000.00
    3. You may sue to recover money for damage to personal property was damaged as long as the amount does not exceed $5,000.00.
  • 1. If your action is on a contract your may file in this court if the contract was to be performed in this county.
    2. If your complaint is for damage to personal property, you may file your claim in this court if the injury or property is in this county.
    3. In all other cases, the lawsuit can be filed only if the defendant resides in this county.
  • No action may be brought in small claims court by a collection agency, collection agent, assignee of claim or by any person, firm, partnership, association or corporation engaged, either primarily or secondarily, in the business of lending money at interest.
    Also, no attorney may appear on behalf of another person or business in the small claims division. However, corporations, other than those which are classified as lending institutions, which have no more than three (3) stockholders may sue or be sued in the small claims court, provided they are represented by officers of such corporation.