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Relevant information taken from Nuisance Abatement Code

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3.2.4 Grass or Weeds. Grass or weeds shall not exceed eight (8) inches in height in all zoning districts. This restriction will not apply to:

a. property that is zoned A - 1, Except when abutting developed property. A- 1 property shall be maintained with a 15’ buffer along the lot line adjacent to the developed property with grass and weeds in such buffer shall not exceed eight (8) inches in height.

b. areas specifically designated or recognized by the city, the state or the United States as wetlands, open spaces, natural or wild flower areas, or other designated preservation areas.

4.2.1 Uncut weeds, grass and other unsightly and unsanitary articles . All property owners and occupants within the municipal boundaries of the City of Conway are required to cut weeds and grass, remove garbage, rubbish and other unsightly and unsanitary articles and things from their property, and to eliminate, fill up, or remove stagnant pools of water or any other unsanitary thing, place or condition which might become a breeding place for mosquitoes, flies and germs harmful to the health of the community.