Information Systems & Technology

Information Technology (IT) plays a critical role in providing services to the City of Conway citizens. IT staff plays an integral role in supporting the city's internal operations with an infrastructure that includes an extensive system of networks, hardware, software and communications facilities that combine to form an integrated enterprise-wide information and communications system. The city's IT environment provides an effective and efficient method for improving city-wide information management and communication to enhance internal operations and external services.


Provide top level technical support and costā€saving technology solutions for the needs of the City of Conway while providing city-wide guidance and leadership. Additionally, in the pursuit of government transparency technology will enable the City to communicate with all stakeholders.


Aaron Knight, Chief Information Officer
Rebecca Butler, Administrative Assistant
Lance Thrower, Communications Telecom Engineer
Sean Canady, Communications Telecom Engineer


Kevin McCoy, Network Systems Administrator
Brandon McCrory, Computer Support Specialist
Harold Pizzolato, Computer Support Specialist
Corey Light, Webmaster