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"My vision for the city of Conway consists of a city that is transforming itself. That future Conway will still be growing because it is handling its growth well. It is a city that will slowly but surely separate itself from its peers by its own high standards. Homes will continue to be built while being accessed by wider streets bordered by sidewalks and trees planted by beautification programs. The downtown area will not only be sustained but enhanced both economically, culturally, and aesthetically. Commercial development will continue to boom but also integrate into the beauty of its residential environment. My vision also includes a new office park taking shape catering to high tech, campus style industries which will be the leading edge of Conway's growth in job opportunities.

I also see Conway becoming a renaissance city. A city that is not only growing but growing well rounded; a city with a system of sidewalks and bike routes beginning to stretch across its interiors; a city where an accommodating public transportation system will soon be working out its new wrinkles. Hopefully, Conway residents will soon be enjoying or looking forward to the eminent opening of new neighborhood parks and increased recreational opportunities. Our future citizenry will be almost completely acclimated to a curbside recycling program. Hopefully, Conway will be well on its way to implementing a program for the young in this town unmatched in our region -- a program, which will provide adult supervised recreational, cultural, social, and vocational opportunities for our youth of all ages.

In twenty years I see all these trends maturing. Conway for all its potential today should, twenty years from now, be a city known as one of the best places in America to live, to raise a family, to be involved in a community, to seek and hold employment. This is my vision.

I enjoy serving you and our community and encourage your input. Again, welcome to our website."

Tab Townsell

Mayor, City of Conway