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Relevant information taken from Nuisance Abatement Code

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3.5.1 Accumulation of rubbish or garbage . All exterior property and premises of every structure shall be free from any accumulation of rubbish or garbage.

3.5.2 Disposal of rubbish . Every occupant of a structure shall dispose of all rubbish in a clean and sanitary manner by placing such rubbish in approved containers.

4.2.1 Uncut weeds, grass and other unsightly and unsanitary articles . All property owners and occupants within the municipal boundaries of the City of Conway are required to cut weeds and grass, remove garbage, rubbish and other unsightly and unsanitary articles and things from their property, and to eliminate, fill up, or remove stagnant pools of water or any other unsanitary thing, place or condition which might become a breeding place for mosquitoes, flies and germs harmful to the health of the community.

2.2.1 Definitions

RUBBISH. Combustible and noncombustible waste materials, except garbage; the term shall include the residue from the burning of wood, coal, coke and other combustible materials, paper, rags, cartons, boxes, wood, excelsior, rubber, leather, tree branches, yard trimmings, tin cans, metals, mineral matter, glass, crockery and dust and other similar materials.