Recycling Information

Conway offers residents curbside collection, a free co-mingled program in which no sorting of recyclables is necessary, and its recycling program accepts many items traditionally excluded elsewhere such as Styrofoam and plastic bags. The 35,000-SF recycling center with a new $1.7 million automated sorting system that can sort through the same volume in one to three hours that it takes five days to do manually.

To have your FREE Blue Recycling Cart delivered to your home call us today! (501)450-6155.

Plastics codes are in the triangle on the bottom of an item.

Conway Recycles: What to put in the blue carts?

  • Plastic Bottles #1- #7
  • Prescription vials #1- #7
  • Plastic Dairy tubs #1-#7
  • Phone Books
  • Paper Boxes (no liners)
  • Aluminum (Cans, pie tins, etc.)
  • Cardboard
  • Metal Cans
  • Newspapers / Inserts
  • Mail / Magazines / Catalogs
  • Mixed paper
  • Frozen food boxes (no food residue)
  • Styrofoam
  • All recycling needs to be bagged prior to placing in blue bins (O-08-34)ยท

Please Note the following information for GLASS RECYCLERS... glass can NOT be co-mingled in your recycling carts. Glass MUST be recycled using our new glass recycling bins which are available to you at no cost, please call our office at (501) 450-6155 to request a glass bin and be put on our glass recycling route.

*Labels and lids are acceptable left on your glass containers. Please wash/rinse glass containers prior to placing them in your recycling bins. NO LIGHTBULBS OF ANY TYPE WILL BE ACCEPTED IN THE GLASS RECYCLING PROGRAM

For good, reusable items, please bring them to the City of Conway Landfill for inclusion in our ReUse Center.
Textiles: Clean Sheets, towels, clothing -damaged is okay. (for usable items, consider our ReUse Center first)
Although not collected at the curb (the following items must be brought to our facility located at 4550 Hwy 64 West; and nominal fees may apply), residents may also recycle glass (free of lids and labels) Electronic Waste, household hazardous materials, and tires (must be off the rim and non-commercial tires) in addition to offering ways to help you reduce your waste.

Please note New Ordinance:

To reduce litter in your neighborhoods, Conway requires SMALL OR LIGHTWEIGHT items either be stacked inside each other, bundled/tied, bagged, etc. (anyway to keep items from blowing), before placing in the blue carts. Large cardboard boxes that are too big for the blue cart, should place three feet from the cart and secured to avoid blowing. Try this drop test...

Drop Test for small and lightweight items:

If, when you drop an item, it floats, flutters or bounces, the item should be secured before going in the blue cart; you may do that in any way you want to, to prevent blowing litter.
Examples include plastic soda bottles; grocery bags; aluminum cans; any small items including small pieces of cardboard; paper ... especially shredded paper; newspapers - , inserts, etc.